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The SpotMyPhotos platform is the world's #1 photo delivery platform for events and is used in so many unique ways. We're dedicated to working with those who want to delight and engage using photos. We handle a wide range of use cases and would love to hear yours.

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  • Differentiate yourself from competitors.
  • Secure higher contract values.
  • Engage with attendees and organizers like never before.
  • Generate significantly more leads.
Who We Look For

We license our technology in a variety of ways. We are interested in event attraction companies with a proven track record of creating awesome customer experiences. We also work with individual professional photographers and studios that have a deep passion for their work. Beyond this, we directly license on university campuses, within corporations, and at private venues. We’d love to help you use SpotMyPhotos to create truly memorable photo experiences.

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Frequent Licensing Questions

How do I become a licensee?

To start the process of becoming a SpotMyPhotos licensee, simply fill out the request form to apply. We’ll be happy to reach out and provide you with further information.

What equipment will I need for SpotMyPhotos?

You will need a DSLR camera (preferably Canon) with a few extra batteries, iPhone running IOS 12 or newer with data plan, and we recommend at least 1 Mophie charging case for the iPhone. If you want to print at events, you will want a laptop PC, DNP DS620A printer with 4×6 media and an internet hotspot.

What are the benefits of becoming a licensee?

As a licensee, you’ll be able to set yourself apart from competing services, providing your clients with the world’s #1 private photo delivery platform for events. You’ll receive updates to the SpotMyPhotos platform and will receive leads within your market, channeled through our website.

What equipment is SpotMyPhotos providing?

When you buy a SpotMyPhotos license we will ship you a small box with a SpotMyPhotos Starter Kit. This includes a Spotter SD Card, Backup Spotter SD Card and a Spotter Wrist Band to hold your iPhone.  New licensees are also granted access to their Dashboard on

Can I remove the SpotMyPhotos branding from the event gallery link and from the image gallery?

We call that White Label. Pro customers will pay $25 per event day that White Label is used.  Pro Plus customers get free unlimited White Label use for events on their Dashboard.  To take event branding to the next level, you can also use Private Label Branding, which allows you to brand the gallery URL to any URL that you or your client controls.

If I want to run an extra photographer at an event using SpotMyPhotos, do I need to buy an extra license?

For each Set of Equipment being used at an event (Camera and IOS Main device), you will need an additional license seat on your Dashboard.

Do I still need to use the Spotter SD card if my camera has built-in WIFI?

This is likely to change as future technologies are released but for now, all cameras will need a Spotter SD card to work with SpotMyPhotos.

How do I learn how to use the system?

We have a selection of written and video training materials available on the help center of your Dashboard. In addition, Live Chat Support and our Support Phone Line give licensees that extra level of security.  We’ve made learning SpotMyPhotos easy!

How do I set up events?

Every Licensee gets their own private login to On your Dashboard, you can setup events, customize events by dropping in gallery branding files and photo overlay files, adding custom text to events and other options.

Who else will you be sharing the photos and other data with?

We take privacy seriously. The only entity other than SpotMyPhotos that has access to guest information is the Licensee that uploaded that data.

What cameras will work with SpotMyPhotos?

Any Canon DSLR camera with an SD card slot.  We’ve used everything from the T6 on up to the 5D Mark IV.  Other DSLR camera models with SD card slots will work, but we prefer Canon cameras for several reasons.

Do I have to use an iPhone with the system?

At the current time, yes. You will need an iPhone 6 or better running IOS 12 or newer with an active data plan.  The iPhone is what automatically transfers the photos from the camera to the cloud.  In the future, compatibility with other devices will be possible.

What countries can SpotMyPhotos be used in?

At the current time, SMP works in the US and Canada with cell phone numbers.  For guests outside of the USA, you will need to enter email addresses.

Can a licensee get compensated for referring a friend?

We always take care of our friends. Contact for a coupon code today and start getting rewarded each time one of the people that you refer becomes a licensee.

Do you offer discounts for buying more than one license?

After your first annual license you will get a 50% discount on the monthly base fees of each additional annual license that you buy.

Can I switch to a different Tier such as Pro to Pro Plus?

We are happy to upgrade or downgrade your account during the first 30 days. After that, account upgrades can be made at any time and downgrades can be made on an annual basis.

What happens if I lose or break my Spotter SD card?

All Spotter SD cards come with a 90-day warranty against defects. Existing licensees can always buy additional backup Spotter SD cards for $100 each plus shipping.  A Spotter SD card is not an extra license.  However, you can apply any Spotter SD card that is tied to your account to be used as the SD card for a particular license seat that you own.  DO NOT FORMAT A SPOTTER SD CARD.  FORMATTING A SPOTTER SD CARD IS NOT COVERED UNDER WARRANTY.

If a guest is Spotted by my team at one event, will they be Spotted at other events too?

No.  The system only spots guests on an event-by-event basis.

Do you Spot guests using their phone number or email?

You can use either option. We strongly recommend using phone numbers as that has the highest view rate since guests are always checking their text messages.

Why shouldn’t I format a Spotter SD card?

Formatting the Spotter SD card causes it to lose its WIFI capabilities. Once formatted, the Spotter SD card won’t be able to transfer photos from the camera to the iPhone.  Please always manually remove your photo folders off of the SD card but never format.  If you format the Spotter SD card, you will need to buy an additional Spotter SD card.  We include a free backup SD card as part of every Spotter Kit as an extra layer of security for you.

What if someone gives me the wrong phone number by mistake?

You can Unspot them on the Dashboard and then enter their correct number.

If my iPhone battery dies and I then shoot some extra photos, how do I get those uploaded?

There is a drag and drop feature on your Dashboard. You can plug your SD card into the laptop used at your printer station and drag and drop photos from that SD card onto the Dashboard for your event.  If people in those photos have already been Spotted, they will automatically receive the photos as they are dropped into the Dashboard.  You can also Spot people in any photo that is on the Dashboard.

What type of computer is needed for the printer app?

You will need a Windows PC running Windows 7, 8, or 10. You will want at least 4 GB RAM and an i3 processor or better.  In addition, you will need an internet connection at your event site.  We typically use internet hotspots.

If I own more than one Set of Equipment, can I use them at the same event?

Of course! At large events, the magic of SpotMyPhotos really comes through.  Guests only need to be Spotted one time at an event from any SMP photographer.  From that point forward any time that any of your SpotMyPhotos photographers at that event take a photo with that guest, the guest will receive the photo automatically.

Is it easy to switch from one camera to another during an event?

Yes, the process of switching to a different camera typically takes about 2 minutes.

How long will photos remain on the system so that guests can view them?

We are currently keeping photos available for a minimum of 60 days.

What is the image quality settings should I use on my camera?

For most events we shoot at the Small Step setting. You can also shoot Raw+jpg.