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Why License SpotMyPhotos?
  • Differentiate yourself from competitors.
  • Secure higher contract values.
  • Engage with attendees and organizers like never before.
  • Generate significantly more leads.
Who We Look For

We license our technology in a variety of ways. We are interested in event attraction companies with a proven track record of creating awesome customer experiences. We also work with individual professional photographers and studios that have a deep passion for their work. Beyond this, we directly license on university campuses, within corporations, and at private venues. We’d love to help you use SpotMyPhotos to create truly memorable photo experiences.

Available Licenses

Frequent Licensing Questions

How do I become a licensee?

To start the process of becoming a SpotMyPhotos licensee, simply fill out the request form to apply. We’ll be happy to reach out and provide you with further information.

What does a license include and what are the associated costs?

A license includes rights for your business to use the SpotMyPhotos platform, applications and trademarks in accordance with the terms of our partner license agreement.

What are the benefits of becoming a licensee?

As a licensee, you’ll be able to set yourself apart from competing services, providing your clients with the world’s #1 private photo delivery platform for events. You’ll receive updates to the SpotMyPhotos platform and will receive leads within your market, channeled through our website.

Will I operate under my own business name or the SpotMyPhotos name?

You will operate under your own business name, but we require that you refer to the product as SpotMyPhotos interactive photography and adhere to all other branding guidelines.

(Example: ABC Company is proud to offer SpotMyPhotos)

Do you offer exclusive territories?

As a SpotMyPhotos licensee, you are free to travel anywhere in the United States that you would like, in order to perform SpotMyPhotos interactive photography services for your clients.  If you are a licensee outside of the United States, some restrictions may apply.

How We Can Help

We offer licenses to meet your needs and budget

The SpotMyPhotos platform is the world's #1 photo delivery platform for events and is used in so many unique ways. We're dedicated to working with those who want to delight and engage using photos. We handle a wide range of use cases and would love to hear yours.

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